Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Midsummer Day's Resonance

A very short visual novel, again available in English for free. This one I didn't really like.

The set-up of the story was a little contrived, it forced the reader along (for example, the POV character becomes completely enamoured with a girl for no other reason than that she is incredibly beautiful) and seemed to merely exist as a 'HAHA PLOT TWIST ARE YOU SATISFIED?' sort of story.

Of course, most of us were expecting that 'twist'. Honestly. As if all the 'hints' being dropped weren't enough.

Anyway, premise of this story is that the main character happens to have a guy run over her schoolbag with his bicycle. In that bag is her school things, as well as her mobile phone and a bottle of soft drink. Soft drink - which she buys every morning and puts in her bag to drink at school later - explodes all over her stuff, and soaks into the cracks of her crushed mobile phone. For some odd reason, she carries the completely broken phone around, when suddenly, it projects a screen in front of her and on that screen is another girl...

Main character chats with this Girl A, who also brings her neighbour Girl B to chat. Main character 'falls in love' with Girl B, everyone chats, various blatant plot points are thrown around, the three girls decide to meet up after exams.

Anyway. For reasons which are complete spoilers, they can't actually meet up. Main character is depressed at losing these two dear friends of hers (cue eye-roll), and the magic phone connection never works again.

...and she asks out the guy who broke her phone.

I don't know. A very short story (although in this case, it was probably a good thing), a rather stupid storyline, some 'home truths' stuffed in at the end... The SFX were annoying (with that bzzzt of the holographic screen turning on/shorting out), the music wasn't anything particularly spectacular, nor was the artwork.

Not one I would recommend to others.


Navi Starfire said...

I disagree with your review so much!
I fell in love with Itsuki along with the main character!
I cried at the sad parts, such as Itsuki saying how she wasn't the type for girls and when they realized they were in different worlds!!
I enjoyed it and felt as if I were really there, and this visual novel really affects me.
I'd rate this a 9/10 tho. (Just cuz the sound of the connection buzz scares the crap outta me everytime xD )